Peace Committee

Peace Committee formed by the Pakistan government on 10 April 1971 with an object of helping the administration in containing the war of liberation efforts.

Earlier, on 4 April a delegation of 12 political leaders led by Pakistan Democratic Party (PDP) chief nurul amin met Leutenant General tikka khan, the Martial Law Administrator of 'B' zone, and placed a proposal to form a committee of the citizens in Dhaka. The members of the delegation included among others Gholam Azam, Farid Ahmad, Khwaja Khairuddin, and Nuruzzaman. Dhaka Nagarik Committee (Citizen Committee) was constituted on 10 April with Khwaja Khairuddin as its chief. On the issue of leadership wrangle a section of the members of the committee seceded under Farid Ahmad to form a Steering Committee which, however, was transformed into a full-fledged committee with the appellation East Pakistan Peace and Welfare Council. The chairman and general secretary of the council were Farid Ahmad and PDP leader Nuruzzaman respectivety, and the members were Maulana Abdul Mannan, Julmat Ali Khan, Gholam Azam, Mahmud Ali, Yusuf Ali Chowdhury (Mohan Mian), Syed Azizul Haq (Nanna Mian), Pir Mohsen Uddin (Dudu Mian), Raja Tridiv Roy, and ASM Solaiman.

The main objectives of the Peace Committee were to help and cooperate with the Pakistan armed forces, and thereby to help maintaining integrity of Pakistan. Gradually, peace committees were constituted throughout the country. The political leaders and activists opposing the War of Liberation formed these peace committees, and extended cooperation to the occupation army in various ways. The peace committees were dissolved with the surrender of the Pakistan army on 16 December 1971. [Muntassir Mamoon]