Purba Pakistan Sahitya Sangsad

Purba Pakistan Sahitya Sangsad (East Pakistan Literary Society, 1942) In 1940, the All India Muslim League adopted the Pakistan Resolution at its Lahore session. This movement impacted upon the cultural field as well with Muslim intellectuals setting up the east pakistan renaissance society in Kolkata and the Purba Pakistan Sahitya Sangsad in dhaka. The president of the sangsad was Syed Sajjad Husain and secretary Syed Ali Ahsan.

The primary objective of the Society was the propagation of the ideal of Muslim nationalism. It believed that Pakistan was to be the state for Muslims and that its literature should reflect the ideals and traditions of Islam. To achieve this aim the Society advocated utilising the resources of puthi literature and encouraged borrowing words from Arabic, Persian and Urdu in bangla literature. The mouthpiece of the Sahitya Sangsad was Paksik Pakistan (Pakistan Fortnightly), edited by a student activist of the Muslim League, Nazir Ahmed. The journal preached political freedom as well as cultural separatism. In 1944, the society gave a reception to poet kaikobad in recognition of his projection of Muslim heritage and glory in his works.

The Sahitya Sangsad was active till 1947. After Partition, the increasing disillusionment of the people of East Pakistan with Pakistan and the language movement caused the society to die a natural death. [Wakil Ahmed]