Rahman, Abul Faiz Mujibur

Rahman, Abul Faiz Mujibur (1897-1945) jurist. He was born on 23 September 1897 at village Gerda in Faridpur district. His father was Moulvi Abdur Rahman. After studying at Faridpur Zilla School, Mujibur Rahman completed his BSc from Dhaka College. He got MSc Degree in Mathematics in 1920 from Calcutta University.

AF Mujibur Rahman passed Indian Civil Service examination in 1923 and joined the judicial branch of the ICS. His love for justice is reflected in his dissenting judgement against the death penalty for Ambika Chakrabarti in the famous Chittagong Armoury Raid Case, in contrast to the other two Tribunal members, A de C Williams and NH Mukherjee. The sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment by the High Court.

A.F Mujibur Rahman served about 22 years in different places of undivided Bengal and Assam including Kolkata, Assam, Shantipur, Tripura, Nadia, Mymensingh and Kushtia. He also served as district judge of Dhaka in 1929-1931. He died on 12 May 1945.

After his demise A.F Mujibur Rahman Foundation has been set up in order to provide scholarship to the meritorious students of the Department of Mathematics of Dhaka University. [SR Ghuznavi]