Rahman, Golam

Rahman, Golam (1931-1972) children's writer and journalist, was born on 28 November 1931 in Kolkata. After passing the Entrance examination in 1947 from Modern School, Kolkata, he was admitted to Surendranath College in 1949. Partition, had however, taken place, and, along with other Muslims who were leaving Kolkata for East Pakistan, he too migrated to Dhaka. He enrolled at Jagannath College, but was unable to complete his studies and took up journalism.

Golam Rahman had some previous experience of journalism, having edited the children's pages and literary magazines of the Daily Ittehad and the Daily Insaf in Kolkata. For some time he had also edited the monthly Madhumala. Subsequently, he became associated with various journals published from Dhaka. He was elected assistant secretary of the East Pakistan Journalists' Union. Besides journalism, he was also engaged in business.

Golam Rahman wrote in several genres, including novels, short stories, biographies, plays, etc. However, his real talent lay in children’s literature. Among his writings for children are Rakamfer (1953), Panur Pathshala (1953), Badi Niye Badabadi (reprint, 1957), Ajab Deshe Alice (Alice in Wonderland, 1957), Buddhir Dhenki (1958), Chakmaki (1960), Jyanta Chhabir Bhojbaji (1960), Russ Desher Rupkatha (Russian fairytale, 1960), Ishaper Galpa (Aesop's fables, 2nd ed, 1966). His other writings include Neta O Rani (1954), Amader Bir Sangrami (1970) and Jibaner Bichitra. bangla academy has published Golam Rahman Rachanabali in four volumes.

In 1969, Golam Rahman received the Bangla Academy Award for children's literature. He was murdered on 12 January 1972. [Mahbubul Haque]