Rao, Shukhalata

Rao, Shukhalata (1886-1969) social worker and author of children's books, was born in Kolkata. She was the daughter of upendra kishore roychowdhury, a renowned writer of children’s literature. Shukhalata obtained BA degree from bethune college, Kolkata and chose teaching as profession. After her marriage to Dr Jayanta Rao, she moved to Cuttack where she established Shishu-O-Matri Mangal Kendra (Centre for the welfare of children and mothers) and Orissa Nari Seva Sangha (Organisation for the welfare of Orissan women) with the help of her husband.

Shukhalata Rao edited a newspaper, Alok. She wrote about 20 books on various subjects in both English and Bangla, among them include Galpa-ar-Galpa, Galper Boi (1912), Aro-Galpa (1916), Khoka Elo Bediye (1916), Natun Pada (1922), Sonar Mayur, Natun Chhada (1952), Bideshi Chhada (1962), Nanan Desher Rupkatha, Pather Alo, Ishaper Galpa, adn Living Lights. She was awarded the Kaisar-e-Hind for her social service and a literary award by the Indian government for her book Nije Pada (1956). She was also an artist. [Sushanta Sarker]