Raozan RRAC Adarsha School

Raozan RRAC Adarsha School was established as a primary school in 1835 during the reign of lord william bentinck. Dataram Chowdhury of raozan and Munsif Shokar Ali contributed a lot to the shifting of the school to Raozan thana headquarters and to its development into a junior English school. The school building was damaged twice by fire and after the second fire incident, Golam Kibria, a local sub-registrar approached Nawab khwaja abdul ghani of Dhaka for help in its reconstruction. The school was reconstructed by the money donated by the Nawab and the contributions by local people and it was renamed Nawab Abdul Ghani New English School. Dwarikanath Biswas was appointed its headmaster.

In 1898, two zamindars of Dabua, Ramgati Dhar and Ramdhan, donated Rs 7,000 to the school to upgrade it to a high English school. Abdul Bari Chowdhury, a businessman of Daulatpur, fatikchhari established a new school at a neighbouring location in 1919. The two schools became competitors to each other and after realising the unfavourable consequences, members of the local elite integrated these two into one school. In 1921, the integrated school got a new name RRAC Adarsha School (Ramgati-Ramdhan-Abdul Bari Chowdhury Model School). [Sadat Ullah Khan]