Ray, Diwan Kartikeya Chandra

Ray, Diwan Kartikeya Chandra (1820-1885) writer, lyricist, classical song specialist, artist. Ray was born in Krishnanagar in Nadia district.

Kartikeya Chandra learned Persian first and then English. He began his career as a house tutor and music teacher for the children of the Krishnanagar Raj family. During the period of Raja Shrish Chandra (1819-1857), a fifth generation successor of famous Maharaja Krishna Chandra (1710-1782), Ray was engaged as the officer of the Raj. Eventually he became the Diwan of the Krishnanagar Zamindari.'

Kartikeya Chandra was a specialist in musicology and was well-known as an authority in Kheyal and he played a remarkable role in making Kheyal in Bengal. Gitmavjuri (1875) is his music compilation.'

Kartikeya Chandra's other two books are: Kshitish-Bangshabali-Charita Arthat Nabadwiper Rajbangsher Bibaran (Biography of Khitis Family ie. An Account of the Royal Family of Nabadwip, 1875) and Diwan Kartikeya Chandra Rayer Atmajiban-Charita (Diwan Kartikeya Chandra Ray: An Account of his life), which was edited and published by his son Dwijendralal Ray (1863-1913) after his death. Kartikeya Chandra Ray's autobiography is an important work for the early nineteenth century history of Bengal. It is considered as an autobiography of first one in history of modern Bangla literature. He died on 2 October 1885. [Muhammad Saiful Islam]