Registration Act, 1908

Registration Act, 1908 (Act XVI of 1908) stipulates registration of title deeds. Its purpose is to ensure, through registration of documents, genuineness of title documents and to avoid fake documents. According to the Act, all instruments of transfer of immovable properties of the value of one hundred taka or more, both testamentary and inter vivose, must be compulsorily registered with the sub-registrar or joint-registrar in whose jurisdiction the whole or part of the property under transfer is situated. Any document of transfer required to be registered under this Act and is not registered, will not create any right title or interest in the immovable property concerned.

Documents are ordinarily required to be presented for registration before the registering officer within four months from the date of execution of the same. If the registering officer refuses to accept any document for registration, he will record reasons for such refusal and supply a copy of the same to the person who has applied for registration. An appeal against the order of the registering officer refusing registration lies to the district registrar who may direct registration, and the registering officer on receipt of the order will register the same. [Aminul Huq]