Rotary International, Bangladesh

Rotary International, Bangladesh began its journey in Dhaka, when the Rotary Club of Dhaka was established on 22 December 1937 and chartered on 26 February next year with a district membership of only 88 persons. Since then the Rotary activities were growing. Until now, 205 clubs have been established under the aegis of the Rotary International District 3280 with a total membership population of 4300. In addition, it has also many junior clubs, with the nomenclature of Rotaract Clubs (180 members), Intaract Clubs (20 members) and Rotary Community Corps (50 members).

The various Rotary clubs undertake service and development projects jointly funded by themselves and the central Rotary Club International. Rotary club's motto is 'Service above Self. A very important aspect of the Rotary movement is that it promotes international esprit de core among the Rotarians all over the world. The Rotary clubs undertake both jointly and individually social welfare and development projects and become important partners of the government and the people in the social security and development endeavours. It operates as an important voluntary forum for promotion of development and social solidarity and harmony. [Zahidul Islam]