Saiyid Muhammad Yusuf

Saiyid Muhammad Yusuf a celebrated sufi saint of the Qadiriya tarika, who had his khanka at the present Dargabari premises in Sonargoan. He was the son and spiritual successor of Saiyid Arif-billah and grandson of saiyid ibrahim danishmand, the great sufi saint and Islamic Scholar who founded the Dargabari khanka in Sonargoan.

Saiyid Muhmmad Yusuf, entitled Ahle-Kalam, flourished in Sonargoan in the seventeenth century. He was famous for his vast knowledge in Islamic subjects and high spiritual attainment which, however, earned for him great popularity and tremendous influence over the people.

Saiyid Muhammad Yusuf lies buried in a mausoleum at dargahbari premises in Sonargoan. It consists of two elongated dome-roofed twin buildings, rectangular in plan, with plastered walls and hut-type chauchala covering. The eastern chamber preserves his tomb. [Muazzam Hussain Khan]