Sannyasir Dhap

Sannyasir Dhap Two mounds in the Sadar thana of Bogra district are locally known as Sannyasir Dhap, one of them is situated at the Bara Tangra village under Namuja union about 2 km south-west of mahasthangarh (Mahasthangad); the other is at Saralpur village under Gokul union about 5.5 km south-west of Mahasthangarh Museum. Sannyasir Dhap literally means mound of a Sannyasi (Hindu ascetic).

Sannyasir Dhap at Bara Tangra is an oblong mound (about 215m x 148m x 7.5m) with a flat top, overgrown with bamboo and mango groves. The mound shows a gentle slope from east to west where it drops abruptly. Local farmers have levelled its lower periphery on all sides for cultivation. However, rainwater furrow on all four corners of the mound shows a dilapidated ancient brick wall. Brickbats are found all over the mound. Sannyasir Dhap at Saralpur is a smaller mound (about 33mx 27m x 6.5m) with gentle slopes on all sides. The local people have leveled the top surface of the mound so that they can use it as an Eidgah. [Md Ayoub Khan]