Shah Amanat (R)

Shah Amanat (R) a famous saint of Chittagong. Hadrat Shah Amanat is said to have come from Bihar and appear to be long of the late eighteenth century. He used to serve as a pankha walla (hanging fan puller) in the Chittagong Judge's Court. The family now residing in the compound of Shah Amanat mazar claims to be the descendants of the saint. They have got in their possession a Persian waqfnama (deed of endowment) of Anwar Khan, a son of Shah Amanat.

Shah Amanat lived a very simple life. His daily routine was to attend to his duties in the Court and to engage himself in prayers. No one knew that he was spiritually endowed nor did he pose to be such. His spiritual attainment was exposed through a karamat (spiritual feat) and the people came to know that he was a darvish (saint) of high order. He then gave up his job and remained busy in meditation. Shah Amanat is ranked among the great saints of Chittagong. People visit his mazar specially to seek blessings in matters of litigation.

Hadrat Shah Amanat lies buried in a mausoleum to the east of the Laldighi of Chittagong. [Abdul Karim]