Shah Langar’s Dargah

Shah Langar's Dargah is situated at village Muazzampur (Mahjampur) in Sonargoan thana of Narayanganj district, within the enclosure of the muazzampur shahi mosque. The tomb of the saint with open enclosure lies on the southern side of the premises. There is an old well adjacent to the tomb of Shah Langar on the right hand side of the entrance gate. The well is still called chhed-kua (a well with underground channel). Tradition goes that in older days the bottom of the well was connected by underground channel with the confluence of the rivers, the Meghna, the Dhaleswari, and the Old Brahmaputra. It is said that once the dead body of a person who happened to fall in the well was found floating just on the confluence of the rivers. On the adjacent south of the tomb of Shah Langar lies an old graveyard wherein exists the tomb of his wife along with a number of tombs of unknown persons.

Nothing is known about the saint laid buried here. Local people also call him Shah Alam Shah. He seems to flourish in the late fourteenth or early fifteenth century AD. Urs is held annually in the Dargah premises in the Bangla month of Magh on the eleventh day of the moon, which usually continues for seven days. It is traditionally believed that in older days groups of crocodiles used to assemble at night on the bank of the Old Brahmaputra during the festival of urs. [Muazzam Hussain Khan]