Sheikh Chand

Sheikh Chand (circa 1650-1725) medieval poet, was born in Comilla. Over a hundred copies of his works were discovered from Comilla and its neighbouring areas. The grave of the poet lies at Baksar, about eight miles south-east of the Lalmai Railway Station. His father was Fateh Muhammad, his guru Nawab Ali and pir Shah Daulah.

He wrote three poetical works-Talibnama, Haragauri Sambad and rasulbijay. The first two are on yoga and sufism while the last one is a massive biographical account of hazrat muhammad (sm). Although he modelled himself on the Persian Kasasol Ambiya, the poet has made his own contribution to the story. The work, in lucid language, judges the life of the Prophet from the societal perspectives of Bengal. The book uses colloquial dialect in its dialogues. The work combines poetry and scholarship. [Khandker Muzammil Haq]