Shibsa River

Shibsa River one of the important rivers of the sundarbans. The pasur bifurcates into two at Mongla and the western branch flows through the Sundarbans as the Shibsa. The Shibsa has been renamed as the Kunga river near the estuary before falling into the bay of bengal. Hiran Point is on the right-bank of the Shibsa-Kunga. The total length of the river is about 100 km. The river crosses about 27 km through Paikgachha upazila and the rest of the course demarcates the common boundary between Paikgachha and Dacope upazilas. Inside the Sundarbans, the Shibsa meets with the Pasur and receives various rivulets and khals from various directions, enriching its flow. Among them the Barulia, Haria, Bunakhali, Garkhali, Mainas, Taki, Besekhali, Badurgachha, Bhelti, Karua Gamrail, Hadda and Nali Jalla are notable. The river experiences regular tides. Its water is saline throughout the year, but at the height of the rainy season salinity goes down. [Md Mahbub Murshed]

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