Shila Devir Ghat

Shila Devir Ghat is an archaeological site on the karatoya, about 200m east of mahasthangarh (Mahasthangad) in Bogra district. It is situated opposite the bairagir bhita (Bairagir Bhita) mound of the garh. According to legends Shila Devi was the beautiful daughter or sister of Parshurama, the legendary last Hindu king of Mahasthangarh. After the defeat of the king at the hands of the Muslim saint Shah Sultan Balkhi Mahisawar, Shila Devi, to save her honour, jumped into the Karatoya and drowned herself. The spot is known as the Ghat of Shila Devi. The story of Shila Devi is viewd by some scholars as a myth. The original name of the place may have been 'Shila-dvipa' (Island of Shila), meaning the island of stone. Tradtion has it that numerous stone 'Shiva Lingas' were set up within a mile of Mahasthan. At this site local Hindus celebrate Paus-Narayani bath annually. A fair is held on the occasion. [Ayub Khan]