Soltan a popular daily newspaper of the Muslim community, published from Kolkata from 1926-28. Earlier it had appeared as a weekly newspaper (1903-1904). It was published under the patronage of mirza muhammad yusuf ali, a social reformer and author of Shaubhagya Sparshamani, a Bangla version of Imam Gazzali's Kimiai Saadat.

Maulana moniruzzaman islamabadi, an Islamic scholar, was the editor of the Soltan. News and views of the Muslim world were given coverage. The name of the newspaper was spelt Choltan in Bangla instead of Soltan.

Maniruzzaman Islamabadi had studied at a madrasah, but he could write chaste Bangla and used it to write some thought-provoking essays. Most of his essays were on social reforms and development of the Muslim community. However, despite his commitment to the Muslim community, he was liberal and non-communal, attitudes that were reflected in the Soltan. ismail hossain shiraji and Poet ashraf ali khan (1901-1939) were also associated with this newspaper. [Naheed Quayyum]