Tajuddin Quraishi

Tajuddin Quraishi (R) one of the companions of Hazrat shah jalal (R) in the conquest of Sylhet. Son of Kiamuddin, a well-known sufi, Tajuddin Quarishi was born in Yamen and was a descendant of Hazrat Abu Bakr (R). He took part in the battle (1303) against the king of Taraf, Achak Narayana.

After the conquest of Sylhet he was first appointed a qazi and later a diwan. Ultimately he was entrusted with the administration of Dinarpur Chouki (in ancient Laur). He established a khanqah, built mosques and excavated ponds there. He took part in the preaching of Islam in different parts of Habiganj. He came to be known as an Alim (learned man) and a Sufi of the Suhrawardia order. He died at Nijchouki in the first half of the 14th century. His mazar is situated there. [Dewan Nural Anwar Hussain Chowdhury]