Tarash Zamindari

Tarash Zamindari situated at Tarash upazilla in Sirajganj District. One Vasudeva Talukdar established this zamindari. Vashudeva started his career by taking job in the revenue department under the Nawab of Murshidabad. Nawab donated him Tarash Mahal and conferred upon the title of Ray' as a recognition of his honesty and loyalty. Balaram Das, grandson of Vasudeva was an employee under Natore zamindari. According an inscription, we came to know that he took the title of Ray' in 1711 AD. Ramsundar Ray, the fifth descendent of Balaram Ray, died childless and their next four descendents were adopted sons.

Banwarilal Ray was famous among the other Zamindars of Tarash. He financially contributed to establish Pabna Edward College. British government awarded him the title of 'Ray Bahadur' in 1894. Banamali Ray, adopted son of Banwarilal Ray succeeded him after his death in 1905. He was famous too. Banamali Ray established Illiot Banamali Technical Institute in Pabna city and Banwari High School in Sirajganj. He also donated money to built the new building of the Pabna Edward College. He was awarded the title of 'Ray Bahadur' from the British Government. Banwarilal Ray died in 1914. Khitish Bhushon and Radhika Bhushon, his predecessors heading for the Tarash Zamindari until the zamindari came to an end by the implementation of east bengal state acquisition and tenancy act 1950. [Kazi Mustafizur Rahman]