Tarini Charan Mitra

Tarini Charan Mitra (c 1772-1837) head munshi of the Hindustani Language Department at fort william college and famous Bangla prose writer, was a resident of Kolkata. He was fluent in Bangla, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Persian and English.

In 1801 Tarini Charan joined Fort William College where he taught up to 1830. He was a member of the managing committee of calcutta school-book society (1817) and eventually became its secretary. Tarini Charan Mitra was also a member of Dharma Sabha (1830), a conservative organisation, which worked against the anti-sati movement. Tarini Charan wrote several articles in favour of sati. He collaborated with radhakanta deb and ram comul sen to translate Aesop's fables into Bangla under the title of Nitikatha. He is believed to have translated Oriental Fabulist into Bangla, Urdu and Persian in 1803. After retiring from Fort William College, Tarini Charan moved to Benares where he died in 1837. [Wakil Ahmed]