Tila small, low hills; eroded hillocks, appearing in the northeast and south of greater Sylhet and also around Sylhet town. There may be as many as four groups of tilas in Sylhet - Chhatak group, Sylhet group, Dhaka-Dakshin (South) group and Beanibazar group. Important characteristics of these tilas are shown in the following table.

Table Major tilas in Sylhet region.

Group Location Important tilas Alignment Areal extent
Chhatak Northern Sylhet districts Taramun Tila (44m) Northwest to southeast 65 sq km
Sylhet Sylhet proper Orthoki  Tila (29m), Abangi Tila (77m), Barunti Tila (79m), Cherragong Tila (91m) Northeast to southwest 70 sq km
Dhaka-Dakshin Near Golabganj, Ita range Kailash Tila (64m) North to south 78 sq km
Beanibazar Beanibazar, Patharia range Beanibazar Tila (30m) North to south 52 sq km

There are also some scattered tilas in Sylhet, such as, Kuleral Tila (226m), Dupi Tila (100m), Khasia Tila (108m), and Chatal Tila (>130m). The tilas are composed of Pleistocene clays and sands over a coarse ferruginous sand stones, mottled sandy clays and shales of Dupi Tila Formation. Tilas were once under dense forest cover and now very little of that cover is left. Most of the tilas have come under tea cultivation. [Mohd Shamsul Alam]