Torsa River

Torsa River one of the trans-boundary rivers lying over Tibet, Bhutan, India and Bangladesh. The river originates from eastern Tibet and crosses the Chumbi valley. In this part, the river is known as the Chumbi. Then it receives the name Am-Chu and flows south over Tibet and Bhutan. The river enters Bangladesh after crossing Kuchbihar and meets the brahmaputra 22.5 km southwest of Dhubri. West of Kuchbihar the Torsa creates an offshoot, the dharla to join with the jaldhaka river. The Tosra also receives a tributary from the Raidak river at 29 km southeast of Kuchbihar. The upperstream of the Torsa from the confluence is known as the Raidak or the dudhkumar. [Masud Hasan Chowdhury]

See map in brahmaputra-jamuna river system.