Uttar Banga Sahitya Sammilani

Uttar Banga Sahitya Sammilani is a branch organization of rangapur sahitya parisad (Rangapur Literary Society). It was a meeting place where the researchers, historians, writers and archeologists from North Bengal and Assam used to meet every year. Writers and researchers who used to cultivate their intellectual work in Bangla regularly took part in its annual gatherings. The Sammilani (association) started its activities in 1314 and the executive committee of Rangpur Sahitya Parisad was appointed its permanent committee. Justice Ashutosh Chowdhury and the permanent secretary of Rangpur Sahitya Parisad Surendra Ray Chaudhury were elected its President and Secretary respectively. The landlords, lawyers and writers of North Bengal were the main patrons of the Sammilani. From 1314 to 1323, the Sammilani organised altogether 10 annual conferences. The first two and the ninth conferences were held in Rangpur, the third in Gauripur of Assam, the fourth in Maldah, the fifth in Gauhati of Assam, the sixth in Dinajpur, the seventh in Pabna, the eighth in Rajshahi and the 10th one in Bogra. No information about the Sammilani after 1323 has been found. [Muhammad Maniruzzaman]