Wahabis a Muslim sect originating from Arabia and Qatar, named after its founder, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahab (1703-1787). Wahabis interpret Islam in the light of opinions expressed by the Prophet muhammad (Sm) and his companions. They consider the practices of later generations as be-daat or innovations, and hence unacceptable.

Wahabis do not recognise esoteric approach and mysticism and do not believe that the walis have any special spiritual powers. They also do not believe in constructing tombs and mausoleums in memory of the dead. Wahabis frown upon visits to tombs and mausoleums. The only exception they make is with regard to the tomb of the Prophet. They, however, are not inclined to honour the Prophet's grave as a holy place or one of special spiritual benefit to visitors. Wahabis are also opposed to observing milad. Wahabis are not many in number in Bangladesh. [Niaz Zaman and ATM Musleh Uddin]