Ahmad, Ghiyasuddin

Ahmad, Ghiyasuddin (1933-1971) one of the intellectual martyrs (14 December 1971), teacher in the History Department of Dhaka University. He was picked up from his House Tutor's residence at the Mohsin Hall by the anti-liberation forces in the morning of 14 December and his dead body was recovered 20 days later from the Rayer Bazar slaughter site. His mortal remains lie buried beside the Dhaka University central mosque.

Born on 11 August 1933 in village Belavo under narsingdi district, Ghiyasuddin started his teaching career at the jagannath college, Dhaka. He joined the Dhaka University in September 1958, where he served till his death. He studied at the London School of Economics with a Commonwealth Scholarship (1964-1967) and obtained BSc Economics degree in International History. Ghiyasuddin Ahmad had specialised in European and contemporary World History and enjoyed an enviable popularity as a teacher. A dedicated teacher, courageous and outspoken, he was well known for his depth of knowledge and erudite scholarship.   Ghiyasuddin Ahmad, though not a political activist, was always vocal in national issues and during the war of liberation he helped the cause of the freedom fighters in various ways; he used to raise funds for the families of his deceased colleagues who lost their lives in March, 1971 and secretly arranged funds and facilities for the treatment of the injured freedom fighters. In September and November 1971 the Pakistani army had twice picked him up for interrogation. [AM Chowdhury]