Ahmad, Khan Bahadur Ekinuddin

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Ahmad, Khan Bahadur Ekinuddin (1862-1933) was a lawyer, social worker and writer. Born at Chandanbari village under Boda thana of the then Jalpaiguri district in 1862, Ekinuddin's early education began at the Model School of his native village. He passed the entrance examinations in 1878 from Jalpiguri Zila School and graduated from Presidency College, Kolkata in 1884. Ekinuddin passed the Bachelor of Law examinations in 1886 and joined Dinajpur bar in 1892. He was the first Muslim graduate of the then Dinajpur district. He was also the pioneer english apprentice muslim lawyer of Dinajpur bar.

Ekinuddin Ahmed established the mohamedan association of the anjuman-e-islami, Dinajpur in 1894. He was its founder president. In the backdrop of Partition of Bengal in 1905, he constituted another organisation named 'Dinajpur Muslim Shava'. A student hostel, 'Mohamedan Students Education Boarding' was set up beside the dinajpur zila school through his initiative in 1910. He presided over the First Muslim Literature Conference held in Kolkata in 1917.

Ekinuddin Ahmed took part in the khilafat movement. He was elected a member of the Bengal Legislative Assembly for the peroid of 1920-23 from the muslim constituency of Dinajpur district. The British government awarded him Khan Bahadur title in 1925. He was also a writer, well-known for the book Islam o Dhromoniti (Islam and Religious Policy). He died in 1933. [Muhammad Moniruzzman]