Ahmad, Reazuddin Mashadi

Ahmad, Reazuddin Mashadi (1859-1918) Islamic thinker, writer. He was born at Charan in Ratanganj, tangail. He was fluent in both Bangla and Sanskrit and also knew English and Urdu. In 1886, he was appointed professor of Sanskrit and Bangla at aliya madrasa in Calcutta and worked there for nearly seven years. At this time, he was also involved in various literary activities of Calcutta. Along with sheikh abdur rahim, mearajuddin ahmad and muhammad reazuddin ahmad, he contributed to the publication of the two-volume Theories of Islam (1888 and 1889). He also played an important role in the publication of the weekly sudhakar (September 1889). In 1900, Reazuddin Ahmad left for Delduar, Calcutta to work as manager on the estate of Abdul Karim Gaznavi, zamindar. Previously, mir mosharraf hossain had worked in this post.

Reazuddin Ahmad's interest in literature stemmed from his desire to preserve the Muslim way of life. In the 19th century, when Christian missionaries were converting Muslims, Reazuddin Ahmad wrote about the cultural heritage of Muslims, hoping that in the process he would prevent such conversions. Samaj O Samskarak (1889) and Agnikukkut (1890) were written for this purpose. Both books were written under the pseudonym 'Fakir Abdullah Bin Ismail Al Qureshi Al Hindi'. Samaj O Sangskarak, which is about the life and thoughts of Syed Jamaluddin Afgani (1838-1897), was confiscated by the British government. His other books are Prabandha Kaumudi (1st vol, 1892) and Suriya Bijay (1895). He also published a journal, Siddhanta Panjika (1298 and 1299). Reazuddin Ahmad passed away on 20 September 1918. [Khondkar Sirajul Haque]