Ahmed, Benajir

Benajir Ahmed

Ahmed, Benajir (1903-1983) poet, journalist. He was born at his maternal uncle's residence in Dhanuya village in narayanganj. His paternal residence was at Ilamdi in Dhaka district. While still a student (1920-22), he became associated with the khilafat and non-cooperation movements. In 1921 he was arrested on charges of involvement in terrorist activities. He was an active worker of the muslim league and took part in the pakistan movement. He was elected a Member of the Pakistan National Council from Dhaka-6 in 1962.

Benajir Ahmed edited and published the monthly Nauroj (1927). Subsequently he also worked on the Daily azad and Dainik nabajug (1941). His writings were inspired by Islamic nationalism. As a poet, he was influenced by kazi nazrul islam (1899-1976). His main poetic works include Bandir Banshi (1932), Baishakhi (1945). Islam O Communism (article, 1945) is a compilation of his essays. Among his other works are Ashcharya Ar Ashcharya, Kamalmani, Koraner Galpa, etc. He received the Bangla Academy Award for poetry in 1964. Benajir died on 12 February 1983.  [Mahbubul Haque]