Alam, ABM Nurul

Alam, ABM Nurul (1929-1971) physician, martyr in the War of Liberation. His full name is Abu Barek Mohammad Nurul Alam. He was born in 1929 at village Dhantala in Bochaganj upazila of Dinajpur district. His father was Moulana Maziruddin Ahmed. He obtained MBBS degree from Dhaka Medical College in 1961. He began his career as an assistant surgeon in the Railway Hospital at Santahar.

While a student in Dhaka Medical College Nurul Alam took part in the language movement in 1952. He was a victim of police persecution for violation of section 144. He involved himself in the liberation war while in service in Naogaon Railway Hospital. He gave medical treatment to the injured persons consequent upon the communal riot between the Bangali and non-Bangali residents in Santahar. On 26 March when the non-Bangalis with the help of Pak army pounced on the Bangalis, Nurul Alam took shelter in Santahar Railway Hospital with his family. Thereafter they took shelter at village Haisabari in Naogaon and later at Shahbazpur in Rajshahi. From there he came to the Rajshahi town with an object of seceding to India. He was apprehended by the police from a pharmacy with the allegation of helping the freedom fighters. He was kept confined in the army camp at Zoha Hall of Rajshahi University. He was shot dead at night of 20 November 1971. [Bayzid Khurshid Reaz]