Amina Begum

Amina Begum mother of sirajuddaula, was the youngest daughter of Nawab alivardi khan. She was married to Haji Ahmed's youngest son zainuddin ahmad khan. Sirajuddaula and Mirza Mehdi Ikramuddaula were their two sons. When Zainuddin, naib nazim of Patna, was killed by the rebel Afghan leaders Amina Begum was made captive along with his two sons. Alivardi Khan led an expedition against the Afghans and rescued them from captivity.

Unlike her elder sister ghaseti begum, Amina Begum was not known so much politically. After the BATTLE OF palashi (1757), mir jafar and his son Miran behaved ruthlessly with Sirajuddaula and the surviving members of his family. Mir Jafar imprisoned Siraj's widow lutfunnisa begum, his four-year-old daughter, his mother Amina Begum, late Nawab Alivardi's widow Sharifunnisa and many other dignified ladies. Alivardi's eldest daughter Ghaseti Begum, who had helped Mir Jafar with immense wealth, was also not spared.

All these ladies were put on a boat and sent to Jahangirnagar (Dhaka) where they were imprisoned (1758). In 1760 Miran sent one of his followers to Jahangirnagar and instructed him to bring some of them to murshidabad. The boat on which they were travelling was treacherously sunk in the river buriganga at Miran's instigation. All, including Amina Begum, were drowned and had a watery grave. [KM Karim]