Asadullah Kaukab, Khwaja

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Asadullah Kaukab, Khwaja (19th century) poet, whose real name is Asadullah. His pen name is Kaukab. He was related to the nawab family of dhaka. Asadullah studied at Aliya Madrasa, Kolkata. He left Kolkata for Dhaka where he practised law for some time. He was then appointed the personal munshi of Khwaja Abdul Gafur. Late in life he became a disciple of Shah Najibullah of Bihar and devoted the rest of his life to religion.

Asadullah was proficient in Persian and Arabic. His Persian poems were published in the dUrbeen. His poems have been complied in an anthology or diwan. Aga Ahmad Ali Ispahani, a scholar of Dhaka, was his disciple. [Abu Musa Mohammad Arif Billah]