Aur Khan Aibak

Aur Khan Aibak (1236 AD) governor of lakhnauti under Delhi Sultanat. According to Tabqat-I-Nasiri, sultan Iltutmish appointed Malik Alauddin Jani, a Turkish prince, as the governor of Lakhnauti. But he was sacked and a slave of the Sultan from Kara Khitai race, saifuddin Aibak was appointed at his place. There was a haphazard in Delhi while sultan Iltutmish died in 1236 AD. Almost at the same time Saif uddin aibak died in Lakhnauti. At that time Malik aur khan Aibak assumed power at lakhnauti. Probably he captured the power without Delhi';s permission. tughrial tughan khan, governor of Bihar, challenged his position. At that time central government had no such power to protect this kind of unlawful activities of the governors of provinces. Tughan Khan started with his troops for Bashonkot of Lakhnauti. A pitched battle was fought somewhere between Basankot and Lakhnauti between Aur Khan and Tughan Kahn, in which Aur Khan was defeated and killed. Tughan Khan then became the master of the united territories of Lakhnauti and Bihar. [Nasrin Akhter] [Akhter, Nasrin Assistant Editor, Banglapedia]