Bachaspati Mishra

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Bachaspati Mishra (1425-1480) Exponent of nyaya philosophy and Smriti-Shastra. He was born in the Samouli branch of Polibarh clan of Mithila. He wrote ten and thirty-one books respectively on Nyaya doctrine and Dharma discipline. His scholarly works include new compilation of 'Akshmapadsutra' titled Nyayasutroddhar and its interpretation titled Nyayatattalok Britti. He wrote the note Prakash on Nyayaratna of Manikantha Mishra after being requested by the wife of Maharaja Prataprudra of Pavchaleshwar – Padmabati. His other books on the Nyaya doctrine are: Pratyakkha-nirnay, Shabda-nirnay, Khandanoddhar, (reply to Khandankhanda-khadya written by Shriharsha), Chintamoni-prakash, etc.

The books on Smriti-shastra by Bachaspati Mishra are most famous. Because of this, he was well known as 'Smarta Bachaspati' among the shastrakars or shastra specialists. His books on Smriti-shastra included: Achar-Chintamoni, Dan-nirnay, Dwaita-nirnay, Bibad-chintamoni, Byabohar' chintamoni, Shuddhi-chintamoni. etc. Their influence was observed among the Smriti-shastra writings of Bengal. Apart from Nyaya and Smriti, Bachaspati also wrote books on other subjects. Notable among these were a book titled Shahasradhikaran on Mimamsa philosophy and a book of poetry titled Pitribhakti-tarangini. [Satyanarayan Chakravarti]