Badminton is a game played by one pair or two pairs of participants. In this game a shuttlecock or a conical feathered cork device is struck back and forth over a net by a racket or a light bat having netting of catgut or nylon stretched in a more or less oval frame. The game may have originated in South Asia but became popular in England around 1870. It was named after the Duke of Bofort's estate Great Badminton.

The International Badminton Federation (IBF) was formed in 1934. A tournament for women was organised for the first time in 1957 when Mrs HS Uber donated a cup. The cup for women';s tournament is still known as the Uber Cup. In 1959, representatives of some Asian countries met in Kuala Lumpur and formed the Asian Badminton Federation (ABF). In 1966, badminton was made part of the Asian Games. In Bangladesh it was introduced during the British period but has remained confined to urban areas. After liberation the Bangladesh, Badminton Federation (BBF) was formed and the game began to gain popularity all over the country.

BBF participates in the Asian championship, Asian Satellite championship, SAARC championship and several other competitions. Among the important tournaments organised by BBF are Summer Open Tournament, First Division League, National championship, National Junior and Sub-Junior championships and the Second Division League. [Gofran Faroqi]