Bagchi, Jatindramohan

Jatindramohan Bagchi

Bagchi, Jatindramohan (1878-1948) poet and editor, was born in Jamsherpur, nadia, son of Harimohan, a resident of Balagar, Hughli. After passing the Entrance (1896) and FA (1898) examinations, he obtained BA (1902) degree from the Duff College, Kolkata. He served variously as secretary to Justice Saradacharan Mitra, secretary to the Maharaja of natore, License Collector of Calcutta Corporation, Manager of FN Gupta Company etc. He contributed to a number of literary journals and was Editor of the manasi (1909-1913), Joint Editor of the Jamuna (1921-1922), owner and Editor of the Purvachal (1947-1948). As a poet he was greatly influenced by rabindranath tagore.

Jatindramohan Bagchi portrayed the natural beauty of Bangladesh in his poems. His poems reveal the joys and sorrows of rural life and his empathy for the oppressed. Two of his famous poems are ‘Kajladidi’ and ‘Andha Badhu’ His poetical works include Lekha (1906), Rekha (1910), Aparajita (1915), Bandhur Dan (1918), Jagarani (1922), Niharika (1927) and Mahabharati (1936). He also wrote a book of criticism entitled Rabindranath O Yugasahitya. He died on 1 February 1948.  [Tapan Bagchi]