Bandar Shahi Mosque

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Bandar Shahi Mosque is situated in the Bandar Municipal area, about 1 km to the southeast of kadam rasul in Narayanganj district. It was built in 1482 AD (886 AH) by Malik al-Muazzam baba saleh, a high official under Sultan jalaluddin fath shah.

It is a square building measuring 6.20 meter a side in the interior and 9.70 meter in the exterior. It has four octagonal corner towers and a large hemispherical dome supported by two engaged black stone pillars embedded in each wall with square bases, capitals and octagonal shafts. The squinches which hold up the dome spring from the top of these pillars. The dome has a lotus and pitcher finial. The raising of the dome on a drum crowned with merlons seems to be part of Mughal renovations. There are three entrances in the east of which the central one is wider, measuring 2.20 meter high and 1.37 meter wide. The two other entrances each on the south and north sides are 2 meter high and 1 meter wide. The side entrances are of the same size as the front central one. Of the three semi-circular mihrabs, the central one is the largest and the northern mihrab is being used as a closet.

The mosque has been renovated and enlarged by verandas on the east, south and north sides. It is presently being used as a jami mosque. [Muazzam Hussain Khan]