Bangadarshan a monthly literary journal, founded in 1872 by bankimchandra chattopadhyay (1838-1894), who also served as its editor up to April 1876 and was its main contributor. Though his editorship lasted for only four years, its contribution to bangla language and literature, especially in the formation of Bangla prose, is immense. The language employed by Bangadarshan was sadhu bhasa, chaste Bangla, of a high standard. It published essays on literature, society, science, politics, religion and philosophy as well as novels.

Although Bankim Chandra was its main contributor, other writers too contributed to Bangadarshan, among them, Gangacharan, Ramdas Sen, Akshoy Sarkar and Chandranath Basu. Bankim Chandra's 'Bande Mataram' was first published in this journal. After Bankim, his brothers sanjeeb chunder chattopadhyay and Srish Chandra edited the journal for some time. Bangadarshan reflected the ideas of contemporary Bengali intelligentsia. [Sambaru Chandra Mohanta]