Bangladesh College of Leather Technology

Bangladesh College of Leather Technology located at Hazaribagh, Dhaka; the oldest technical institute in East Pakistan, got the Ministry of Industry's approval in August, 1947 as the East Bengal Tanning Institute for the Human Resource Development of Leather and Leather Products Sector. Officially, the institute started from June 1949; academic activities started in 1952. Later, the institute was named as the East Pakistan Institute of Leather Technology. To provide better academic and educational facilities, the institute was transferred to the Ministry of Education and placed under the administrative control of the Directorate of Technical Education.

After 1971 the institute was named as the Bangladesh Institute of Leather Technology and was offering diploma, certificate and artisan level courses. In 1979 the institute was renamed as the Bangladesh College of Leather Technology. It now offers a four year BSc degree in Leather Technology, Footwear Technology, and Leather Products Technology under the university of dhaka. Every year about 150 students are enrolled in these three departments. In addition to degree courses, certificate courses in Leather Footwear Technology, and short-term courses in designing, quality control and maintenance of machinery, and footwear lasting and making operations are also offered. At present the college has about 600 students, 35 teachers, and 80 non-teaching staff. [Bayazid Akter]