Bangladesh Mathematical Society

Bangladesh Mathematical Society (Bangladesh Ganit Samity) a professional forum of the mathematicians of Bangladesh founded in 1972 with the aim of promoting mathematical research and education at all levels. Since 1974 it has organised several national mathematical conferences (with international participation), a number of regional meetings and a number of research workshops. It regularly publishes Ganit Parikrama (Mathematics Magazine), an educative college-level journal in Bangla, and a research journal GANIT: Journal of Bangladesh Mathematical Society in English.

The Bangladesh Mathematical Society is committed to develop the discipline of mathematics in the country. To this end, the Bangladesh Mathematical Society usually organises research, discussion, conferences, observation and publication.

In the early nineteen-eighties the Bangladesh Mathematical Society played a unique role in averting a national crisis in mathematics education at the school level. With the approval of the government of Bangladesh, the National Curriculum and Textbook Board entrusted the Society with the task of rewriting the textbooks already published and of writing textbooks for the remaining classes. The society engaged several teams of authors for this purpose, drawn from its members. They worked practically without remuneration, a fine example of team spirit and patriotism.

The aims and objectives of the Bangladesh Mathematical Society are: to promote, expand and improve the standard of education and research in mathematics related fields including folk mathematics throughout Bangladesh; safeguard the interests and prestige of the professionals; promote coordination, interaction and collaboration among universities and research organisations in Bangladesh and those of other countries; spread knowledge of mathematics and its applications by publishing articles, reports, periodicals, journals, etc; organise conferences, seminars and symposia, lectures and workshops on problems of national and professional interest; institute awards for significant contributions to education and research in mathematics; and to expand opportunities for higher studies at home and abroad for the professionals. [Masud Hasan Chowdhury]