Bangladesh Police Academy

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Bangladesh Police Academy a national institute for training up police personnel. It is situated at Sardah on the east bank of the Padma, 20 miles away from Rajshahi city. The Academy was originally established by the British government. The land of the academy (142.66 acres) was originally owned by a Dutch company called the Robert Watson and Company. The government bought the entire land including all its buildings and structures and on it was established the Police Academy in July 1912.

Since its inception, police officers of all ranks began to receive training not only from Bengal but also from Assam and other provinces of British India. Since 1947, the academy became the central institution for the training of PSP (Police Service of Pakistan) officers of both the wings of Pakistan. After liberation of Bangladesh it became the only institution in the whole country for catering to the training needs of all ranks of Bangladesh police.

The Physical facility of the academy campus is the well planned dwelling house of more than 2000 inmates comprising Principal's residence, residences for the SP, Additional SP, ASP, fresh trainees, lady officers, Inspectors, Sub-Inspectors, Sergeants, Head Constables, Constables and the menials.

The aim of the Academy is to provide basic training to fresh entrants in building strong and stable mind so that they can withstand the professional stress and can perform police duties competently. The Academy is primarily designed to train up fresh entrants in the Police Service. Both mental and physical instructions are imparted to them with particular emphasis on development of their character and physique, thereby inculcating in them those habits of physical activities and mental discipline and self-reliance which will equip them better to face the challenges of their job with complete equanimity.

Besides giving basic training to fresh entrants, this academy also accepts officers of various ranks for Refresher Courses. These Refresher Courses provide higher training for future leaders of the Police Service and offer a comprehensive pattern of courses for officers at different levels of command. One basic aim of these courses is to prepare the officers for undertaking higher and challenging responsibilities. The officers are specially trained to understand the social pattern and complexities in which crimes and other legal deviations take place. [Md. Enamul Kabir]