Bean any of different leguminous plants of the family Leguminosae. The seeds are generally kidney-shaped and are rich in protein. Beans under about 14 genera are cultivated for livestock and human food of which 28 species under 7 genera are commercially important.

Country Bean (deshi shim) A winter vegetable, Lablab niger, rich in calcium, phosphorus, protein and vitamin C, is grown throughout the country. Seedlings are transplanted in the field during June-August; crops are ready for harvest after 80-90 days; average pod yield is 10-12 m tons/ha. It is primarily grown for pods, which are cooked as vegetable; dry seeds are also used in preparing various dishes.  [SM Monowar Hossain]  

Country Bean, Yard-long bean

French Beans One of the bean species, Phaseolus vulgaris is known by several local names. Most are applicable to particular forms only within the species and do not apply to the whole range of forms found in the species. Names such as snap bean, salad bean, green bean, kidney bean, haricot bean, etc. are applied to varieties used as vegetable; those used as pulses are denoted by such names as haricot, dry bean, and naval bean. French bean is not cultivated in Bangladesh although it is often grown in home gardens. It is a twining or erect annual herb. The pronounced taproot grows rapidly to a depth of 1 m and there are extensive lateral roots. In twining cultivars, stems are 2-3 m tall with 15-30 elongated nodes. Leaves are alternate, trifoliate, somewhat hairy, petiole long, stipules small, ovate, acute and basifixed. Leaflets are ovate, entire and acuminate. Pods are usually slender and narrow, 5-7 seeded. Germination is epigeal.

French bean are grown for their immature edible pods as well as for their dry ripe seeds. Many species of aphids and leafhoppers are pests of beans. Common diseases include anthracnose, rust, mosaic, and root rot.  [Nishit Kumar Paul]

Yard-long bean (borboti) A trailing, long-stemmed vine, Vigna sesquipedalis, having a long green or violet coloured pod, rich in vitamins A and C, and calcium; possibly a native of South China or Southeast Asia. The optimum time for yard-long bean planting is March-April. The crop is ready for harvest within 45-50 days after sowing; the average yield is 10-20 m tons/ha. The foliage of the crop provides hay and green manure. [AKM Matiar Rahman]