Bhattacharya, Janakinath Chudamani

Bhattacharya, Janakinath Chudamani (15th century) logician, contemporary of raghunath shiromani, was born at Nabadwip in west bengal. Janakinath's Nyayasiddhantamanjari became popular all over India. Later an entire school of logic developed on the basis of the commentaries written on his book.

Janakinath's Nyayasiddhantamanjari also mentions two other books by him: Manimarichi- a commentary on Raghunath's Tattvachintamani and Tatparyadipika, a lucid and critical commentary on Udayanacharya's Nyayavartikatatparyaparishuddhi. His other two books are Anviksikitattvavivarana and Atmatattvadipika. Anviksikitattvavivarana is a commentary on the fifth chapter of Gautamasutra, the basic text of nyaya philosophy. The manuscript of Atmatattvadipika has not been found but it is mentioned in Atmatattvaprabodha by his elder son, Raghav Panchanan. Janakinath's other son, kanad tarkavagish, was also a logician and the writer of Bhasaratna. Janakinath and his sons together made a reputed family of logicians. [Kanailal Ray]