Bhattacharyya, Santosh Chandra

Santosh Chandra Bhattacharyya

Bhattacharyya, Santosh Chandra (1915-1971) was a teacher, scholar and an intellectual martyr in the war of liberation. Born on 30 August, 1915 in a Brahmin family of Jantrail village of Nawabganj Upazila in Dhaka, Santosh Chandra Bhattacharyya graduated from the Dhaka University in 1937 with Honours in History and obtained MA degree in 1938 from the same institution.

He started his academic career as a lecturer in the jagannath college in 1939 and worked there until 1949, when he joined the History Department of Dhaka University as a Senior Lecturer. A scholar in Sanskrit literature and ancient history of Bengal and India, Bhattacharyya served Dhaka University as a devoted teacher and a scholar until his tragic death (14 December, 1971) in the hands of the pro-Pakistani militia during the War of Liberation.  [Ratan Lal Chakraborty]