Bishkhali River

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Bishkhali River continuation of the kirtankhola and nalchity rivers. The arial khan picks up the name 'Bhasani Char' as it enters into Bhasani Char of the barisal sadar upazila. Similarly it changes her name as the Kirtankhola at 5 km north of Barisal town, as Nalchity in nalchity upazila (jhalokati district) and as Sugandha in jhalokati sadar upazila. The Sugandha turns into Bishkhali after entering Jhalokati town. At this point, after creating a great meander the river flows south into the bay of bengal. The Bishkhali receives the water of the madhumati and katcha through the Kaukhali and the Gabkhan Khal (canal) joining with the river near the meander. The river maintains a connection with the Burishwar river system through the Bakdugh, Ayla, etc at the lower reach of bamna upazila and falls into the Bay of Bengal through the mouth of the Baleswar-Haringhata at 13 km down of patharghata.

The total length of the river is 96 km. The average width of the river from its origin to first 30 km is about 1 km and the rest is about 2 km. The average depth is about 16m.

The river is fully influenced by tide and ebb. Water is collected at Betna, Bamna, barguna and Patharghata stations to examine the salinity status of the river. It shows erosional tendency and the towns and ports, eg betagi, Anua, Bamna are under threat to its erosion. bangladesh water development board (BWDB) has constructed an embankment to prevent flood and salinity. Deposition process and char (island) formation is active at various parts of the river. Some of the chars are under settlement and cultivation. The Badankhalikone and Khakdone, two of the offshoots of the Bishkhali are about to die due to lack of sufficient flow. Jhalokati, Betagi, Kathalia, Bamna, Barguna, Patharghata, Phuljhuri are some important places on the north bank of the river. [Masud Hasan Chowdhury]

See map in ganges-padma river system.