Bonsai art and technology of producing big trees in miniature or dwarfed forms on pots. It is done by planned pruning, wiring and manuring. Bonsai is a Japanese word. Bon means a tray, a pot, a container; and sai means a plant or planting. As an art form bonsai originated in China many centuries ago and Japan later borrowed and popularized it throughout the world. In Bangladesh, bonsai culture is now becoming increasingly popular. In growing their bonsai trees, the Bangladesh florists follow both Japanese and Chinese styles. Trees, such as cherry, asalea, plum, maple, bamboo, pines, etc are suitable for bonsai cultivation. Trees with small leaves are particularly suitable.

Many nurseries in Bangladesh are now practicing bonsai and their medias are generally trees like Banyan, Tamarind, Acacia, Cassia, Gold Mohur, mango, Asoka, Pomegranate, Bouganvillea, etc. Bonsai can be grown indoors and outdoors. There are several nurseries in Dhaka and Chittagong which now grow bonsai on containers. [Asha Islam]