Bose, Buddhadev

Bose, Buddhadev (1908-1974) educationist, writer, critic, was born in comilla on 30 November 1908. His ancestral home was Malkhanagar in vikramapura. Shortly after his birth, his mother died of tetanus and his father, Bhudev Chandra Bose, a lawyer of the Dhaka Bar, became a religious mendicant and left home. The child was brought up by his maternal grandparents, spending his early life in Comilla, Noakhali and Dhaka.

Buddhadev Bose

Buddhadev Bose passed the Matriculation examination (1925) from Dhaka Collegiate School and the IA examination (1927) from Dhaka Intermediate College. He completed BA Honours (1930) and MA (1931) in English from the University of Dhaka. He taught at Ripon College, calcutta (1934-1945) and worked as a journalist at the Statesman (1944-1951). From 1956 to 1963 he was attached to the department of Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University.

He also taught at Pennsylvania College for Women (1953-1954), Indiana University, Brooklyn College, Colorado University, Wesleyan College, and the University of Hawaii.

Buddhadev Bose was also involved with editorial work. He edited and published Pragati (1927-29) from Dhaka and Kavita (1935-1960) from Calcutta. Kavita, which published poems, was highly regarded in literary circles and played an important role in the post-Rabindra movement. Buddhadev Bose himself was able to emancipate from the influence of Tagore. He began as a romantic poet, but later emphasized thought more than emotion. He was also a writer of distinctive prose. He wrote extensively both reflective articles and literary criticism.

Bose was a prolific writer, with over a hundred books to his credit. His books of poetry include Bandir Bandana (1930), Kankavati (1937), Draupadir Shadi (1948), Shiter Prarthana: Basanter Uttar (1955), Ye Andhar Alor Adhik (1958). He wrote a number of novels: Lal Megh (1934), Ratbhar Brsti (1967), Patal Theke Alap (1967), Golap Keno Kalo (1968). Among his short story anthologies are Abhinay, Abhinay Nay (1930), Rekha Chitra (1931), Bhaso Amar Bhela (1963). His plays include Tapasvi O Tarangini (1966) and Kolkatar Electra O Satyasandha (1968). His essays are anthologized in Kaler Putul (1946), Sahityacharcha (1954), Rabindranath: Kathasahitya (1955), Svadesh O Sangskrti (1957). He also wrote a number of travelogues and memoirs: Hathat Alor Jhalkani (1935), Sab Peyechhir Deshe (1941), Japani Journal (1962), Deshantar (1966), Amar Chhelebela (1973), Amar Yauban (1976). His translations include Kalidaser Meghdut (1957), Charles Baudelaire: Tar Kavita (1960), Rainer Maria Rilker Kavita (1970) etc. He also wrote a number of children's books as well as some poems and articles in English.

In 1967, Buddhadev Bose received the Sahitya Akademi Puraskar for his play Tapasvi O Tarangini. In 1970 the Government of India awarded him the Padmabhusan. He received the Rabindra Award posthumously for his book of verse Svagata Biday (1974). He died on 8 March 1974 in Calcutta. [Siddiqa Mahmuda]