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BARI Brinjal: Nayantara


BARI Brinjal: Kajla

Brinjal (baygoon) also known as eggplant and aubergine, one of the most popular vegetables, Solanum melongena, of the family Solanaceae, grows in an area of about 29,132 ha producing about 1,87,705 m tons; rich in calcium, phosphorus, sulphur, chlorine, and vitamins A and C. Planting time is October-November; ready for harvest in 90-100 days; yield ranges from 40-45 m ton/ha depending on the variety. Islampuri, Khat Khatia, Dohazari, Volanath and Singnath are some of the popular local varieties of brinjal.

Recently the bangladesh agricultural research institute developed 5 varieties ie, Uttara, Shuktara (hybrid), Tarapuri (hybrid), Nayantara and Kazla. The variety grown in Gaffargaon area is famous for its size and taste. [AKM Matiar Rahman]