Burhanuddin (R)

Burhanuddin (R) saint whose name is associated with the Muslim conquest of Sylhet in the beginning of 14 century. A story goes that he was involved in a conflict with Gour Govinda, the king of Sylhet, over the sacrificial slaughter of cows on the occasion of his son's Akika, an Islamic ceremony for naming the new born. When the infant son was killed at the order of the king, the father immediately appealed to the then Sultan of Bengal, Shamsuddin Firuz Shah, for redress. Burhanuddin himself is said to have showed the army sent by the Sultan and led by Sikandar Khan and Nasiruddin the way to Sylhet. Hazrat shah jalal (R) also took part in the conquest of Sylhet, which came under the control of the Muslim in 1303 AD. In his later life, Burhanuddin (R) became an Oliy-e-Kamel (perfect saint). His tomb is located at Kuighat in the Tultikar Mahalla of Sylhet town. [M Sahul Hussain]