Burishwar River

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Burishwar River originates from the river kirtankhola at Dapdapia of bakerganj upazila under barisal district. It flows over Ranirhat, Halta, Khairabad, Bakerganj, Lebukhali, Alki, mirzaganj, Karabunia, Ayla, Buraghata, Amtali and falls into the bay of bengal at amtali upazila in barguna district.

Actually, the Burishwar is the downreach of the arial khan river and receives the main discharge from it. At the tentulia confluence the Arial Khan creates a complex network system and one of these branches divides into two channels at Bakerganj. One distriubtory named the Lebukhali flows through patuakhali district and meets the Laukathi. The channel is very narrow. Another arm falls into the Bay of Bengal after receiving the names Bakerganj, Angaria, katcha, Chighai and finally Burishwar. The Burishwar receives various small channels like the Subidkhali, Ayla, Gulishakhali, Pangasia (Golbunia), and Chargachhia on its course.

The total length of the river is 158 km and is under tidal influence. There are meanders at some places of the river, which also shows an erosional tendency. Ranirhat, Bakerganj, Mirzaganj and Amtali are some important places on the banks of the Burishwar. [Md Mahbub Murshed]

See map in ganges-padma river system.