Carp a group of freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae. A list of carps commonly available in the freshwaters of Bangladesh is given below:

English name Scientific name Local name Size Distribution
Bata Labeo Labeo bata Bhangon Bata/Bata c. 30 cm Wide
Black Rohu/Kalbasu Labeo calbasu Kalibaus/Baus/Kalia c. 40 cm Wide
Catla Catla catla Catla/Katal 38-46 cm Wide
Chaguni Chagunius chagunio Jarua/Utti c. 30 cm Northeast
Kuria Labeo Labeo gonius Goni/Kurchi/Ghannya/ Ghonia/Ghainna c. 60 cm Wide
Mrigal Cirrhinus marigala Mrigal/Mirka 50-80 cm Wide
Nandi Labeo Labeo nandina Nandina/Nandil/Nandi c. 70 cm Northeast and Central
Pangusia Labeo Labeo pangusia Ghora Muikha/Ghora Maach/Longu Rui c. 35 cm Northeast and Southeast
Reba Carp Cirrhinus reba Raik/Tatkini/Bata/Laacho/Bhagna 30-35 cm Wide
Rohu Labeo rohita Rui/Rohit/Rou c. 90 cm ?? Wide
Tor Mahseer Tor tor Mahashol/Mohal/Tor Mahaseer/Mashol Mach c. 60 cm Northeast, Central, and South-east

Though the above mentioned carps are common in Bangladesh, Cyprinus carpio is particularly known as the common carp. It is a native of temperate regions of Asia and Europe, but is now extensively cultivated in different parts of the world including Bangladesh. Of the three varieties the following two have been successfully cultivated in Bangladesh: (i) Cyprinus carpio var. communis (Scale Carp/Common Carp; introduced from China in 1960); and (ii) Cyprinus carpio var. specularis (Mirror carp; introduced from Nepal in 1979). [Baharul Hoque]

                                                   Common Carps of Bangladesh 
Labeo rohita (left) Cirrhinus mrigala (right)
Catla catla (left) Labeo calbasu (right)

Bighead Carp Name of the exotic fish Aristichthyes nobilis of the family Cyprinidae, order Cypriniformes. This fish was introduced in Bangladesh from Nepal in 1981. The head being larger compared to other carps, they are popularly known as 'bighead carp'. The original home of this fish is China where they live and reproduce in large rivers with strong currents. For centuries there existed in China an important fishing industry for the fry of this carp. They spawn during floods and in summer months.

Its belly is rounded, and the body is somewhat dark or yellowish, and has dark mottled patches. This is a fast-growing fish and may grow to 5 kg within 3 years. Being a filter feeder, it competes with Catla for food in a mixed culture. It is a planktophagous (phyto- and zooplankton) and feeds on rotifers, copepods, cladocerans, Microcystis colonies, and decaying organic substances.

In Bangladesh the breeding season of this fish ranges from March to June. The hatching period requires 18 to 20 hours at 25' to 30'C. This fish does not breed in closed waters. It takes about one to one and half year to attain marketable size when it has gained an weight from 1.5 to 2.5 kg. [Md Anisul Islam]